Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Digital Painting in Photoshop: Dining room

Continue light and colour Painting study in Photoshop.
Morning sun lighting

I found my old colour sketch and try to recreate it using new knowledge and painting technics. So I painted several scenes with different lighting and mood from overcast and morning light to dark night with candles.
Overcast light


  • Photoshop CS6 + Wacom tablet + iMac

 Painting technics

  • Start with basic shapes and adding more details on new layers.
  • Merge layers with Cmd+E hot key.
  • Using Lasso tool + (Alt/Cmd+Backspace) hot keys for fill shapes.
  • Used Pencil for rough shapes painting and turn off Anti alias for Paint bucket tool.
  • Used Brush for light modelling. 
    • Opacity 100% 
    • Flow 60%
    • Turn off Shape dynamics 
    • Turn on Transfer (Pen pressure) 
    • Turn on Dual brush for add some texture. 
  • Created adjustment layers for changing overall colour temperature, brightness, balance
  • Used masks to combine different adjustment layers
Rainy night with lamp
Rainy night with candles

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