Thursday, June 23, 2016

Coursera. Character design for Video Games. Assignment #01

I started +Coursera Character design for Video Games course. Cool one I must say. And I did first assignment already. You can see it here.
Assignment Goal:
Create character designs exploring 3 important principles - Density, Mood, Story, Proportion.

  1. Density - how much details in design and how important they are. Low Density - less details, High Density - a lot of different details.
  2. Mood - mood is mood. Angry, funny, cute, bully, rude, happy, unhappy.
  3. Story - every details in design must be related to character story. Ok, maybe not every details but all details must be in setting.
  4. Proportion - proportion can change character a lot. So changing proportions can be very interesting and funny.

My designs.

Name: Evo Hunter. Male. 
  • Setting: My character was inspired by Eldevin game characters and universe. Game world setting is 3D MMORPG Fantasy medieval ages with elements of dark and light magic.
  • Story: World inhabited by humans, animals, insects. There also magic powers - dark and light. Humans fighting with dark magicians and their creatures. Humans have no magic power but can use magic juices and elixirs. Evo is experienced Hunter. He has a family. But he is hunting in forests most of the time. So he has a bit rude and lonely character similar to forest wild animals. 
  • Motivations: Forest animals were changed by dark magicians. So hunters and their families left their houses in searching for help in big city. Evo want to get back his home and forest. So he ready to fight for that.

#1-2 I did designs with high Density - realistic characters with a bit heroic proportions and a lot of details, armor, weapon. #1 is more city style, #2 is more forest hunter style.
#3-4 I try to create the same character but with low Density. So I clear all unimportant details and left 2 key elements - bow and arrows. Without this key elements #3 and #4 characters are generic.
#5 Story. In this character I try to add more story related details. So the character not just forest hunter but he has Dragon's tooth and magic elixir, signs of the past fightings. #6-7 Mood. I combined low density character designs with elements from Story character and created 2 different mood - more angry, lonely hunter and positive, friendly hunter.
#8-9 Proportion. I recreated characters #6-7 in cute proportions. But I try to create one serious and one more chibi cute. Thank you for attention :)

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