Saturday, July 2, 2016

Coursera. Character design for Video Games. Assignment #02

I continue +Coursera Character design for Video Games course. What can be interesting in one more Character design course? Oh, you never know before start :) This week I visited Andy Ristaino in his studio! If you don't know who is Andy Ristaino he developed characters for Adventure Time and he is really cool dude.
I did my second assignment already.

Assignment #02

Goal: Create 2 different game characters. 
When I say different I mean really different - shapes, style, mood, size.
So I created characters inspired by Mega Turrican game. There are main hero - Bren McGuaire. He is soldier of Freedom Forces. 
And he fighting against The Machine - evil enemy. I try to create opposite characters in size, shape, details and style. So I designed McGuaire from organic, round shapes and The Machine from some abstract triangular shapes and corners.
Final characters
and here some rough sketches
Bren McGuaire sketches 
The Machine sketches

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