Saturday, July 9, 2016

Coursera. Character design for Video Games. Assignment #03

I continue +Coursera Character design for Video Games course

Assignment #03

Goal: Redesign game character for different game world. 
I tried to redesign two characters.Carmageddon character to Earthworm Jim game world and Max Payne to Mega Turrican world.
  • #01 Earthworm JIm character.
  • #02 redesigned Carmageddon character. I recreate Carmageddon character as worm with Jim's exagerated proportions and cartoon style but with all key details from original Carmageddon character.
  • #03 Mega Turrican character.
  • #04 redesigned Max Payne character. I tried to create typical Max Payne gesture and colours because I can't create small details with limited pixels. And I saved only key details - big black gun and leather jacket.
My sketches and final characters.

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