Monday, August 15, 2016

Coloring sketches for night scenes

Created series of images for future film. The story is about little boy, his dummy and his mom. They are traveling at night in the forest and meet tigers on big tree. Something like that :)
My goal was to create night scenes in forest with main heroes. So I try to experiment and find needed night light.
First attempts were ugly as hell. I just colored over b/w sketch.
Then I did try different approach. I did scenes in overcast light with natural own colors. And then started experiment with lighting. And it works. Colors are here, light are here and everything looks good together.
So here are screens. Overcast lighting (Before) and then night lighting (After).
Overcast and night lighting
Overcast and night lighting
And here some images from first series of sketches with last one. They are colored over the same b/w sketches but using different coloring methods.

  • Before method - b/w sketch + coloring on Color layers. Looks dull and weird.
  • After - b/w sketch + overcast coloring on Overlay layer + Main lighting Hue&Saturation layerColor balance layers for different light sources. 
Photoshop layers for coloring b/w sketch
Looks a bit complex but it isn't. And you get rich color transitions as bonus! I think it' great.
Old and new coloring methods
Old and new coloring methods

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