Monday, September 5, 2016

Test for animation project Terrabyte

I got invitation to design backgrounds for animation project from Russia. Here some test concept sketches I did.
Colored location concept art. Racing building with entrance to racing arena.
Theme is world of small creatures inside Internet web. Similar to but for Internet web only. So I had try to implement computer elements and create digital a bit futuristic atmosphere but not to much futuristic as sci-fi because this is not future but parallel reality.
I started with pen and paper sketch. To be true I do it very rare now, most of my sketches I start on computer. Sure it's crude but can be done and corrected very fast. And one main reason for me to use paper - I can see overall image at once. It's a bit harder on computer screen.
First rough pen and paper sketch for location
So I did rough location schema in top left conner, then perspective and then side view with all details without distortion.
Perspective image in grayscale
Then I scan paper sketch and continue in Photoshop. First of all I clean up image. Then create grayscale variant with pen sketch on Multiplay layer.
Color side view sketches with variations and patterns
I paint over grayscale images and create some color variations + created main important patterns for walls and floor. This patterns were inspired by computer circuit board and processor patterns.

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