Sunday, December 25, 2016

Illustrations for Ukrainian Children's Book Publisher

I try to work with local publishers in Ukraine. Rates are extremely low but I try find some compromises. So here some sketches I made for publisher.
Some sketches for characters.
Boy character sketches for children's board game
Board game map sketch.
Children's board game map sketch
And additional characters sketches.
Bat character sketches for Children's Book Publisher

Monday, December 19, 2016

Scanimation samples

I created simple Scanimation samples for client from He want something similar to Magic Moving Images book.

I didn't created such illusions before so I try to find some tutorials. It's strange but I didn't find good tutorials about this type of animation. So I try experimenting. 
I created first animation in Flash and then exported to Photoshop. 

But it looks a bit weird as for me. So I created second sample whole in Flash from start to finish.

I found that this type of animation have several important restrictions. 
Size of the mask black lines depend on animation frames. So more frames - wider black lines. You need to find balance.
Size of the animated objects must not be too small. Small symbols can looks not good.
Now I can create in Flash any scanimations with no problem. And it can be exported for print on paper with no problem also.
Maybe will create good tutorial one day :)