Monday, September 26, 2016

Jewish girl character

I continue work on illustrations for children book. Tuning up main book hero - jewish girl 8-9 years old.
The book is about orthodox jewish family so I create appropriate dress design.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Children book illustration test page

Working on children book.
I did test page illustration but client prefer my old style. A bit sad for me but maybe even better because I will save time.
Declined illustration style test here. I will use it for future illustration projects for sure.
Children book illustration test page

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UI/UX test for Topface

Another one invitation from Russia. This time from Ufa - Topface company.
My goal was to redesign Clash Royal mobile game lobby screen for web version and create conceptual scheme for all GUI elements of the screen.
My version of Clash Royale lobby screen for web:
Clash Royale lobby screen for web game version.
 Original lobby screen:

Friday, September 9, 2016

Children book illustrations in progress

Main character girl color sketch
I continue to work on children book about little worm and kosher food. So here some pages sketches.
Children book page sketches
And main characters design. I did father, mother, older sister, main girl character, little brother and little sister.
Children book characters design
Main girl character sheet with face emotions exploration.
Girl character sheet 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Test for animation project Terrabyte

I got invitation to design backgrounds for animation project from Russia. Here some test concept sketches I did.
Colored location concept art. Racing building with entrance to racing arena.
Theme is world of small creatures inside Internet web. Similar to but for Internet web only. So I had try to implement computer elements and create digital a bit futuristic atmosphere but not to much futuristic as sci-fi because this is not future but parallel reality.
I started with pen and paper sketch. To be true I do it very rare now, most of my sketches I start on computer. Sure it's crude but can be done and corrected very fast. And one main reason for me to use paper - I can see overall image at once. It's a bit harder on computer screen.
First rough pen and paper sketch for location
So I did rough location schema in top left conner, then perspective and then side view with all details without distortion.
Perspective image in grayscale
Then I scan paper sketch and continue in Photoshop. First of all I clean up image. Then create grayscale variant with pen sketch on Multiplay layer.
Color side view sketches with variations and patterns
I paint over grayscale images and create some color variations + created main important patterns for walls and floor. This patterns were inspired by computer circuit board and processor patterns.