Sunday, December 24, 2017

2017 report

Ok, so 2017 is over soon and it's time to collect important year moments.

Let's try to remember...

Illustration from Drawing cars with Skunk Youtube channel

  1. Started
     to grow Youtube channel for Drawing cars with Skunk
  2. Started Twitter account for Drawing with Skunk
  3. Continue to grow my Shutterstock stock illustrations portfolio
  4. Continue to create book illustrations
  5. Moved from Flash to After Effects and opened new beautiful world of AE for myself!
  6. Not started with 3D as I planed but I will do it anyway
  7. Discussed a lot of work positions with big and not so big game studios but with no result for now.  
  8. I worked six month on site for one big company and back to freelancing again :)

I did in 2017

  1. Animation projects:

    1. Personal animation project for Youtube - Drawing cars with Skunk  50+ videos 
    2. Colouring videos for Youtube children channels - my first big AE project. 100 videos 
    3. Two animated video with amazing paper characters for Amy's Cupcake Media
      1. Twinke Twinkle little Star
      2. Happy birthday

  1. Game related projects:

    1. Educational Game about North pole for Tony Simons - all game art from concepts to ready assets and animations
    2. Casual Rocket flying mobile game for Edmon  - game art assets
    3. VR simulation game for Adi - animal characters and animations
    4. Casual Ganja farming game for Tryndyk - assets and animations
    5. Trivia game GUI for Yuval - first time using Adobe XD amazing tool for UI/UX design
    6. Action Mobile runner game for Pef - all game art and promo art with animation

  1. Book illustrations:

    1. "Wally the Worm learns about Kosher" by Rochel Burstyn / 2016
    2. "Where are my shoes?" by Rochel Burstyn / 2014
    3. "Bina Lobell's Super-Secret Diary" by Ruchama Feuerman 
    4. and one book is still in progress for Shapiro from 
So it looks like overall busy year :) and I wish the next one will be even better.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spine character animations

Spine is very cool tool. I created several typical character animations - walking cycle, running cycle, hit and idle.
I used Bones + Shapes + Inverse Kinematic + Tranfrom constractions.
So here is my Spine animations.
 More walking
and punch
and this is Character with bones